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Bruges Beer Festival

Almost all participants are known!

Almost all participants are known!

Almost all participants are known!
it is almost common knowledge that the next Bruges Beer Festival 2017 will take place in two locations, a large tent on the Marketplace of Bruges and the tower of the Belfry.
Both venues will accommodate 35 brewers. The festival booths have almost all been allocated. If we combine the brewers’ booths with the separate Trappist, Spontaneous fermentation and our own BAB booth, we will have gathered over 85 participants!
A wide variety that calls for an elaborate tasting!
The list of participants can now be found in “brewers”.
Mind that the beers mentioned are still from the previous editions, this will be updated whenever the brewers provide us with their newest list.
Updates on these lists are to be found in “news” and can also be consulted by means of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
So keep a close eye on the website because it will provide you with the latest novelties (beers that have been on the market for only 1 year) and the primeurs (beers that will be introduced for the first time and this at our 2017 Beer Festival).
We can already reveal that a certain brewery from the area surrounding Bruges will launch an Amarillo Dry Hopping at our 2017 Beer Festival.
More information will soon be put online…

Created 11/11/2016
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