Bruges' Autonomous Beertasters VZW Present

Bruges Beer Festival

01 02 2020 & 02 02 2020


Gueuze is a beer style made by blending young and old Lambic beers and letting it ferment in the bottle, sometimes for years. This is done in the Pajottenland and in the Senne valley. Gueuze is a hazy golden to amber, sparkling beer with a complex acid to sour bitter flavour and aroma, sometimes referred to as "barnyard-like" aroma. It has an alcohol content of 5% to 8% and about 0.2% sugar remains after the second fermentation. "Oude Geuze" or "Old Gueuze" is not filtered, sweetened or pasteurized, unlike most other beers.

Er zijn geen bieren in de categorie "Gueuze" aanwezig op het bierfestival.

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