daisy taylor F.A.Q. - Bierfestival Brugge / Bruges Beer Festival / 1 & 2 Februari 2020

Bruges' Autonomous Beertasters VZW Present

Bruges Beer Festival

01 02 2020 & 02 02 2020

*  Where does the festival take place? Answer.

*  How to get to the Bruges' Beer Festival? Answer.

*  What are the opening hours of the festival? Answer.

*  How much is the entrance fee? Answer.

*  How does the Bruges' Beer Festival work? Answer.

*  Price for one tasting? Answer.

*  Is there any catering?  Answer.

*  Can I contact the organisation for accommodation? Answer.

How can I get a refund for the not used BAB coins? Answer.





This year’s beer festival takes place at Zand

Location Bruges Beerfestival 2020

How to reach the festival?

There are several ways in which you reach the Bruges' Beer Festival. 

By Bike.

Unsupervised bike storage will be available at the location.


By Train.

Consult the train, NMBS,  timetable here

Once arrived in the train station of Bruges, you leave the station heading towards the center of Bruges. You now have several options

1. A short walk on foot.

The train station is situated at about 1 kilometers from the festival. Once you have crossed the large train station square, you cross the street at the traffic lights . Immediately after crossing, you take a left turn and walk straight on through the park. 

2. By bus.

You take the bus heading towards the city center. Get off at the ‘Zand'

3. By horse carriage (this includes a tasting of ‘Augustijn’ offered by Van Steenberge brewery.  

At the front side of the train station (side of the city center) a horse carriage will be waiting for you to take you to the beer festival. 
As mentioned, a tasting of ‘Augustijn’ is included during the ride.


Click ‘more options’ on the google map to view the different routes.


By car.

Bruges offers an extended mobility plan, including several options to park your car.
Detailed info can be found here.

Bruges also offers 6 parking lots at the city borders, each one containing a bus stop that will get you to the city center.
Click  here to consult the timetables of the buses..

The cheapest and largest parking lot of Bruges is the one situated next to the train station.
You can find more information here.

  • Open 24/24h 7 days a week
  • Capacity: 1,500 vehicles
  • Parking fee: 0.70 euro per hour or 3.50 euros for a complete day
  • When presenting your parking fee ticket to the bus station situated next to the train station, the driver and three passengers are allowed to take the bus for free when heading towards the city center

When opting for this parking lot, you leave the parking lot heading towards the station square and follow the directions as mentioned in the  "By train" section.

Opening hours:

The Bruges Beer Festival is opened on:

  • Saturday 1 February from 12 till 22 hours
  • Sunday 2 February from 11 till 20 hours
Token sales stops 30 minutes before the ending.
Beverage sales stop 15 minutes before the ending.

 How much is the entrance fee?


The Beer festival is freely accessible and there is no entrance fee.


How does the beer festival work? - Price for one tasting.

If you desire tasting delicious beers, take the following steps

  • Your “BAB starters package” comprises a festival glass, a chip card credited with 6 BAB-coins and an optional festival guide.
  • Normally one degustation costs one BAB-coin. But for a limited number of specials beers, you need to pay 2 BAB-coins.
  • You can use your BAB coins to pay for the drinks only (not for food, gadgets, gift packages etc.)
  • At each booth you can have the balance of your chip card checked (how many BAB-coins you still have on your chip card).
  • You can buy and upload additional BAB-coins to your chip card using your credit or debet card at the ATM or at the "BAB-coin desk” (cash or card).
  • If you didn’t spend all your BAB-coins, you can ask for a refund only during a 30-day period starting at the end of the festival, using this link: https://frontoffice.byemisys.com/account/BrugsBierFestival_2020/.  A transaction cost of one BAB-coin will be charged.
  • You can also decide to support our usual charities (see our festival guide for details) by donating the remaining BAB coins on your chip card. Deposit your chip card in the special boxes at the exit or at the information desk.


How much does 1 beer cost?

One tasting will cost you 2 or 4 euros, however you do need to purchase a festival glass if you want to taste any of the beers.

Is there a possibility to eat something at the festival – catering?

Food stand 't Snackstje 
There is also a minimum of 2 non-alcoholic beverages stands.

Can I contact the organization for accommodation?

Booking accommodation
The organization will not book accommodation for visitors of the festival. The following website can help you out when you are searching for accommodation

Visit Flanders Accommodation in Bruges.


How can I get a refund for the BAB-coins?

Not all BABcoins spend? 
“Refund” available till 30 days after the festival.
at: https://frontoffice.byemisys.com/account/BrugsBierFestival_2020/
Administrative fee 1 BABcoin.