daisy taylor Spontaneous fermentation - Bierfestival Brugge / Bruges Beer Festival / 1 & 2 Februari 2020

Bruges' Autonomous Beertasters VZW Present

Bruges Beer Festival

01 02 2020 & 02 02 2020

Spontaneous fermentation

Spontaneous fermentation is a fermentation methode. If the wort is left exposed in open air, natural wild yeasts will convert sugars into alcohol. Unlike "normal" fermentation with cultivated yeasts, there is little to no control over which yeasts will work in the beer. Also, natural yeasts are less efficient causing to leave many sugars and other flavour components behind in the beer. Because the fermentation occurs in open vessels, carbon dioxide escapes from the beer, making is rather "flat". Nowadays this brewing-style is still used by the Belgian Lambic-family.

Er zijn geen bieren met "spontaneous fermentation" aanwezig op het bierfestival.

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