daisy taylor Black C - Bierfestival Brugge / Bruges Beer Festival / 1 & 2 Februari 2020

Brugse Autonome Bierproevers VZW Presenteert

Brugs Bier Festival

01 02 2020 & 02 02 2020

Black C

Malts : Special B (Barley) - Chocolate (Barley) - Grillé (Barley) – Pilsen (Barley) - Munich (Barley)Hops : Styrian Golding - ChinookStrong and smooth at the same time, Black {C} offers roasted aromas of coffee and cocoa, while reveling a balanced bitterness brought by North-American hop. This bitterness leave an after taste of freshness which is quite unusual for a stout. Black {C} takes its complexity and originality from its malted composition. The Belgian yeast gives to this stout a unique identity. 

Brouwer : 2019

Soort : Stout/Scotch/Porter

Kleur : Zwart

Gisting : Hoge gisting

Smaak : Bitter

AlcVol : 8%

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